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How Cactus Pete's was born

For years I've been making beef jerky with my "As Seen On TV" dehydrator. Everytime I made the jerky it was better and better both in taste and quality. Back in 2005 my wife started helping with different recipes. The flavors we came up with were so unique and better than any jerky we have ever tasted. We just had to let our friends and family try it. With all the positive feedback we received,  we decided to start making beef jerky for more than a hobby. We purchased a new dehydrator and really started making some larger batches of jerky.

Then the kids started coming into the picture. Between 2006 and 2010 the jerky crusade slowed down a bit because of starting our family. Now that our family is complete, with 3 amazing children, we decided to get back to making some serious jerky. We tweaked and perfected our recipes and friends and family started to actually buy the jerky from us. Not only that but we would have repeat who would buy more and more jerky each time. It was now time to start making our hobby legal!!! Lots of bumps in the road and so many hoops to jump through, but nothing was going to stop us. Every obstacal we came across we took head on. So Cactus Pete's Homemade Jerky is finally born in April of 2011. Cactus Pete's Homemade Jerky is preparing and selling out of Mom's Home Style Deli at 319 Route 94 S, Warwick, NY. Come in and try some of the best jerky you've ever had TODAY!!! Our current flavors are Szechuan, Teriyaki, Jamaican Me Crazy, Black Pepper and our newest flavor Campfire.

As for the name "Cactus Pete's Homemade Jerky?" While experimenting with different flavors of jerky I was always thinking of advertising ideas. I thought about the popular companies out there and how they didn't really have eye catching displays in the stores they were sold in. A picture of a large cactus display popped into my head and how great it would be to have bags of jerky hanging off it's needles. It is sure to be an "eyecatcher"! Now since we wanted the display to be a cactus, it only makes sense to have cactus in the name of our business. "Cactus Brian (me) or Cactus Ushanee (my wife) didn't sound very good, but Cactus Pete...Now that was a name that sounded and fit perfectly. Now stop reading and go buy some amazing jerky!!!

Written - 2011

More update soon!!!

Cactus Pete's Beef Jerky was  featured in the March/April 2014 Issue of Dirt Magazine....
Credits : Dirt Magazine 
                Check the Website for the full story and more photos:  


Tune in December 8th at 9:30PM ET
Brian Gerri known as "Cactus Pete" Cactus Pete's Beef Jerky will be a part of National Geographic Channel's series: "Crowd Control: Money" By Daniel Pink. 
The show will air Monday December 15th( 9:30PM ET) & December 22nd, (8PM ET).

For more information, please click on the link below: 
National Geographic Channel

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